Can You Burn Wood In Sonoma County

YES, you can still burn wood in Sonoma County

rais x basicSimple as the title says, yes you can burn wood in Sonoma County.  Almost every day customers come into the store who are looking at gas products not because they want the convenience they offer, but because they think that you can’t burn wood stove or inserts in Sonoma County.

These customers actually wood rather burn wood and not be dependent on PG&E or their propane supplier for heat but because of incorrect information or creative marketing on the part of the air district they believe that isn’t an option.  Yes you can burn wood in Sonoma County.

You can burn whatever you have, stove, fireplace, or insert regardless of it is clean burning or not because you already have it.  You can’t buy a non clean burning unit from us and we won’t install one either but we haven’t sold or installed them in at least 20 years.  This isn’t some new thing, EPA certified units have been all we have sold since 1993.

The spare the air days that are scaring people off of burning wood actually are very minimal during the burn season.  Last year I believe there were 8, a far cry from every night, like we here from customers.  The air district does not cover a blanket of Sonoma County as well, often people come in and think that can’t burn wood and find out they aren’t even in the district for the no burn nights.

There is an actual map that separates the Bay area air district and the northern Sonoma County district.  Yes, you can burn wood in Sonoma County.

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