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Wood burning options to heat your home

A wood fire is something we remember as a child, the sound of crackling & popping as the wood burns, producing enough warmth to heat your home. For generations, families have relied on wood to heat their home. Wood fireplaces, stoves and inserts ares still the most popular way to heat your home aside from your traditional furnace or boiler. This continues to be a viable way to produce heat, especially with the technology available today to maximize your heat output.

Most consumers aren’t aware but you can use wood to heat your home in Sonoma County and the Bay Area.

Advantages of wood burning

There are many advantages of burning wood to heat your home:

  • The sound. Crackling and popping as the wood burns
  • Aesthetics. Shifting flames providing ambient light
  • Money Saving. Using a natural resource saves on gas and electricity bills
  • Power Outages. Even if the power is out, you still have the ability to heat your home
  • Set Up. No wires or pipe to run for gas or electricity


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